How My Practice Works


Nutrition LabelMy goal in opening BodyLogicMD of Maple Grove was to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness at all ages. I even wanted to slow or reverse the symptoms of aging. My patients are women and men from around the area who are seeking advice and help with issues such as weight loss, healthy aging, bioidentical hormone replacement, menopause, andropause, expert nutritional testing and guidance, diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness, detoxification, and more.

My Practice in Preventive Medicine

It’s actually much easier — and healthier — to prevent disease than to cure it. However, our current medical system is designed to diagnose and treat the symptoms of disease when it is in its final or acute stage, not to create wellness or to effectively prevent disease. I strive not only to diagnose disease in its early stages when it can be more easily reversed, but to prevent it before any damage occurs.

Fruit with WaterI use the 21st-century techniques of functional medicine to optimize wellness and find the roots of disease, particularly the chronic conditions that are only treated symptomatically by mainstream medicine. I don’t focus on symptoms so much as finding the root causes of illness and preventing or reversing them. While I do use traditional drugs when necessary, I focus on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and individualized fitness and nutrition plans, and also employ the targeted use of nutritional supplements and scientifically tested natural medicines to achieve health objectives that are not possible with standard pharmaceuticals.

About Me

Dr. Gregory PippertAs the medical director of BodyLogicMD of Maple Grove, I devote my practice to preventive and functional medicine, wellness, and anti-aging medicine. Combining bioidentical hormone therapy, and customized nutrition and fitness programs, helping men and women find relief from the symptoms of hormone imbalance such as menopause, andropause, thyroid disorder and adrenal fatigue.

I earned my medical degree from University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1991 and completed my residency in Emergency Medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1994. I was previously Chief Resident of Emergency Medicine in 1993-1994 and am currently Board Certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. I am also a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors of the MN Chapter of ACEP for 11 years and as a National Councilor to ACEP for 6 years.

-Gregory Pippert, MD, Minneapolis Bioidentical Hormones Expert