Improving Menopausal Symptoms With Exercise

A study recently published in the journal Menopause, looked at a small group of Finnish women and the association between exercise and menopausal symptoms. The study included women ages 45 – 63 who had recently begun to experience symptoms of Menopause. The women were divided into two groups. One group was asked to exercise four days per week for 24 weeks, and the other group attended health lectures during the same time period. After six months, the women in the exercise group reported less mood swings, irritability, and night sweats than the non-exercising group.
There certainly are many reasons that exercise may have decreased the exercising women’s symptoms. Regardless of the reasons for the improvement in symptoms I am sure that the relief was welcome. In addition to the improvement in the menopausal symptoms I am sure that the women’s health improved in many other ways as well.
So, if you are having menopausal/perimenopausal symptoms and need one more excuse to start exercising more, here it is.