Resolution Review

So here we are, a few weeks into the new year, which is a good time to take note of where you are at with regard to your New Year’s Resolutions. By now you should be able to see if you have:
—Embraced your resolution, made it a “habit”, and are seeing some progress. Maybe you could even make an additional change in your life.
—Let the resolution and your good intentions fall by the wayside. No guilt here, January 1st is only a date on the calendar and you can make changes any day of the year.
—Not made a resolution, but you realize that you really do need to change something for the positive, and should do it before another year goes by.

For all three groups, I do have a suggestion for an easy, inexpensive, life and health changing addition that you can make in your life——Keep a Food Journal.

Simply carry a slip of paper in your pocket, and each time you eat ANYTHING, write down what and how much. No need to look at calories etc–you are only keeping a list. Just be honest. Then at the end of the day, enter everything in a notebook or on your computer.

The life and health changing part of this comes through our conscience and self awareness. Most of us do not realize how much, what, and how often we eat. Faced with the black and white reality of what we are actually consuming in our day, many of us will find it easier to eat differently and make better choices. The difference between eating 2 and 4 cookies does not seem like much, until you know you have to write it down and look at it along with everything else you ate that day. It does work, and can help create a positive change in your life and health with very little effort.

“Be moderate in everything, including moderation.” – Horace Porter